Know What Is Bullheaded Non-Fungible Token And How It Works

The business of non-fungible currency (NFTs) is growing quickly. Every day, numerous new projects, although typically of poor quality, are added to the market. Bullheaded NFTs came out of a desire to make something that can be considered as one of the top in the field including Azuki as well as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. We are pleased to announce that we have succeeded read on to find out how to join before anyone else gets to get to know us.

What are Bullheaded NFTs and how do they operate?

Bullheaded NFTs comprise 7,777 items which are completely customized and come with bully breed dogs of diverse backgrounds. Each token is registered with Ethereum, following the ERC-721 standard. This ensures ownership security and security for future holders. Our collection is designed to emulate the success of globally renowned projects, which proved that sometimes all NFTs must do is offer extremely secure intellectual property, including exclusive on,- and offline benefits and plans to get enthusiastic about, in order to gain a following.

Bullheaded NFTs can accomplish everything and more. This collection is going to be among the largest and most diverse designs available and will offer a host of advantages for the holder that will drive up demand for BullHeads.

What is it that makes Bullheaded NFTs special?

Let’s look closer at what makes BullHeads stand out from the the field. It’s hard to ignore the high-quality and variety of the BullHeads’ illustrations. Every BullHead is a random selection of more than 160 different traits and specs. Every BullHead features a unique personality which includes a striking combination of with futuristic eyewear, clothes, and weapon , as well as an expressive face. BullHeads design and style is like the most sought-after collections of the past, which could increase their worth when they’re traded publicly.

Let’s now discuss the distinct features and benefits that owning BullHeads BullHead gives. Our aim was not to just create intellectual property with high value that have no utility, but to fully benefit from digital ownership through NFTs, and to give BullHeads countless benefits. When we launch, they will have the ability to join an exclusive club of global holders, blockchain-related benefits, and private events. There will be many more on their way from the areas of DeFi gaming, P2E and BullHead DAO airdrops and more.

What is the Bullheaded NFTs’ roadmap?

We are ecstatic to have an exciting plan for the future that promises to bring exciting moments. Bullheaded NFT’s future appears like an exciting journey. It will be a long-lasting experience that you won’t want to end.

How to get your Bullheaded NFT

It’s easy: Follow along on social media or one of our websites and get your BullHeads preminted BullHeads priced at 0.7 ETC + gas. You can also get your piece during public minting for 0.8 ETH+ gas. Let’s embark on this journey together. The Bullheaded community is waiting for you.

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