Raven Quest NFT Game: Best Free-To-Play And Play-To-Earn

According to reports from dAppRadar (BGA), games that earn players $2.5 billion of capital revenue in the first quarter 2022. It is projected to grow to $10 billion by the close of the year. The explosion of Blockchain gaming has attracted several developers and corporations to design their own games based on blockchain.

The vast majority of Blockchain games currently on the market or in development are insubstantial or lacking meaningful playability. It is not unusual that players and even token holders may vanish within months of the time a game is launched. This will render an investment unprofitable and the idea useless. This is a problem to the long-term success of blockchain-based games. Although it is vital to incorporate blockchain functions games and developers, game companies and developers must be more focused on creating excellent games, rather than the integration of blockchain capabilities.

Raven Quest, a GameFi project, focuses on the creation of the first blockchain-based MMORPG. It is aimed at long-term adoption by gaming communities. Incentivizing its players using the playing to Earn model.

What is Raven Quest and how can you be of assistance?

Raven Quest is a play-to-earn MMO game built on the polygon blockchain. It creates a decentralized open world game environment in which players can take possession of a plot of land and establish their own home and farm. It is the first blockchain game which is free to play and offers a higher level of playability than the other popular blockchain games that require players to purchase NFT or other currency for access or entry into the game.

Raven Quest enables players to gather resources in the form of NFTs and can be used to make powerful weapons. They can also be traded through NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, players can collect Ravencards for the purpose of creating custom NFT gaming characters.

Raven Quest’s openness allows players to do whatever they wish in a truly immersive and ever-changing environment that is full of games, stories, puzzles, player choices, as well as a player-driven economy powered with self-balancing algorithms.

Raven Quest’s Tokenomics

A GameFi project’s tokenomics are essential for its long-term success. This is especially the case in the case of MMORPGs. Raven Quest has a single tokenomics as well as a community-driven economics which makes use of its self-balancing system called the Tradepack system.

$SBT Token:

Raven Quest offers incentives to its players via Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT), cryptocurrency tokens. Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT), the in-game currency, can be traded for gold coins on their marketplace.

RavenQuest provides you with each day $SBT. It is determined by what activities you participate in in the open world and the amount of in passive revenue you can earn.

There is no set exchange rate between Gold and $SBT since RavenQuest is aware of the ongoing increase in inflation. Instead, $SBT is a daily set prize that is distributed to all players who have participated in the game and won gold.

It is also possible to exchange $SBT with real-world cash or use it to increase Gold earning potential by purchasing Estates, Mounts, Ships & Wagons, Workers, Ravencards, and other in-game objects.

The Takeaway – Raven Quest Release Day

Raven Quest will be released in the third quarter of 2022 or the fourth quarter in 2022. The game has been in development for the last five years and already has an extensive online community.

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