Star Wars: Everything You Need To Know About Lightsabers

The Lightsaber can be used to kill any opponent. The Lightsaber has a simple, elegant design made of metallic light. It has two handles on either side, and a switch that can turn it on/off between attacks.

Fans around the world love lightsabers. They’re one of pop culture’s most beloved weapons. But where do these elegant swords originate? How do they work? What makes them so distinctive that people will to engage in battle with just the most fragile of metals for protection or possession? The question is not just asked at this point, the answer lies in the explanation, too.

Lightsabers were being used even prior to the time The Republic was founded. These Lightsabers were designed in response to meditation techniques that could be employed during the time of war. Their ability to cut through battlefields like no other could ever compare to them was what was the inspiration behind their creation. Although First Blades and Force Wars are legends today however, they might have been actual back then. It is unclear the exact date this took place.

Star Wars legends describe a time when two warriors used lightsabers for battle. The first known lightsaber. It emitted twin beams from its prongs. It also created an enthralling display that people’s heart beats became too fast.

The lightsaber is a much more flexible weapon that consists of a blade of plasma powered by kyber crystals. It is essential to ensure that the “blades” correctly in the matrix of emitters. If not, a number of undesirable effects could result. The modern-day lightsabers have become more complex because of their capacity to function as weaponry for combat and swordplay against the Tibanna’s native flora, which includes flowers that have medicinal uses, such as Mon Mothma grass (which helps to treat radiation poisoning).

Imagine the terror you’d experience when your arm is engulfed by flames while a knife from an enemy weapon cuts through it. While you could try to extinguish the flame however, you’re likely to will lose some function of whatever was affected by the blast.

The Force-attuned Kyber Crystals can be found on numerous planets throughout the universe. These Living Crystals resonate with each other and possess an unspecified consciousness. Some even say they talk to themselves, or to other living creatures or inanimate objects such as computers. The crystals specially developed for storing and concentrating the lightsaber’s power are called “specialized”. These living crystal bodies can withstand high temperatures and pressures in the stellar cores. They can also withstand other environments that would normally kill most substances on Earth thus making them perfect vehicles for this important job.

Even though we may not be able to perceive it, The Force is always present. Every kyber crystal has its own resonance. The unique sound could help any potential Jedi to develop their lightsaber to the one that’s right for them. Certain crystals emit music, others displayed harmony, and some gave off coldness without touching anyone.

Kyber crystals are the heart of a lightsaber, and they bond with Jedi Masters to turn their blades with different colors. The most popular color you’ll see both sides of the blade is green or blue depending upon what side you’re on but any other hue could be the result of this special ability that these ancient devices have been granted by Luke Skywalker himself.

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