What is Latency? How Latency Works

The latency measure is how long it takes for your computer to respond to an action, like clicking on the link. While this will not affect most people’s Spotify listening or streaming videos, it may create problems for gamers who use satellite internet. Satellite internet operates more precisely than wired connections. It may also lead to poor performance when playing games because of excessive loss of packets caused by lengthy pings.

Latency is the interval between the input (in this case an anchor) and the time it’s distributed to others. Also, latency could affect the responsiveness of your device if you play video games online or view YouTube videos on the internet. This is due to the fact that they might not be 100% accurate in timing as a result of their speed in fiber optic cables.

What’s the cause of the latency?

It is a major issue problem for gamers and other End-users who want to enjoy their favourite content on their mobile devices. The latency is affected by factors like distance between you (and the server) and other factors like Wi-Fi speed or the type of internet connection. It could also be contingent on the router/modem combination that a user uses – there are lots available these days! If it seems complex initially, do not fret because we’re going to explain each piece here.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time taken for information from one point in time to reach another. This refers to the distance between your computer and the server(s) which is how much data you request from that machine. If this distance is not enough, there is a rise in latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delays are a major element in determining the latency experienced when browsing on your device or computer. It can also impact other measurements such as speed of download speed, upload speeds, and wireless connectivity.

Internet Connection Type

There are notable differences in latency between internet connections. Cable, DSL, and fiber have lower latency and satellite’s are greater due to its design design that requires more physical space to transmit which results in long wait times aswell in a higher buffering capacity on sites that you wish to gain access to, such as videos or audio files, etc.

What’s on a Website?

Have you ever clicked on a link only to wait for several minutes for it to load? That was because they were trying too hard to create their Angelfire website look nice. It was jam-packed with The Office memes, so each time you visit it, it takes longer than normal.

If you visit a site which contains large files such as HD videos or images, your web browser has to download these files. Also, if they’re stored on a server which is located far from where you’re right now, there might be some latency due to the distance.

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